MARIA TUMA llega a Estados Unidos en 1961

My cousin Henry del Campo, PAN AM purser, me and my mother.

On July 22, 1961 my mother Adelaida del Campo Viuda del Dr.Tuma and I, arrived at Miami's International Airport. In the process of leaving Havana, Cuba. An officer of the communist regime, took my Juvenia watch, he told us that I could not take it with me, (only $10. were allowed per person, to be taken out of the island). I told my cousin Henry that they had taken my watch...

In 1961, still there were some american employees at the airport. "Sanka" was my cousin's friend; a PAN AM Supervisor. They called him "Sanka", because he drank lots of Sanka coffee. My cousin talked to "Mr. Coffee", about my watch.

As the plane was taking off, I watched the Royal Palms waving "goodbye" in the wind...soon the aqua blue of the coastline, the water turned prussian blue, and later: gray...as I looked through my tears...

When my cousin passed to me the tray with snacks and a drink, my watch was on the lower right hand corner of the tray, we looked at each-other: smiling...


Years later, here I am as an Art Teacher - in the Photography class. I loved these kids. We were making the School Newspaper and the Yearbook at Westview Junior High School, where I first started to work in 1973.

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