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Governor Haydon Burns Scholarship; Florida - 1967.

National Scholastics; gold key in oil painting; National Competition; 1966.

Silver Knight Award; Miami Herald; 1966.

WQBA Honorable Mention on the opening of my art show at the Bacardi Art Gallery; 1975.

NIKON Award of Excellence in Nature Photography; NY. City; NY. 1976.

Certificate of Appreciation for the contibution to the community from Dade County Mayor Steve Clark in 1997.

Certficate of Appreciation from Julio Martinez; Mayor of Hialeah; Fla. for the Advisory Board Care for the Soldiers in the Gulf War, 1991.

Maria and her students received many Art Awards and commendations throughout the years in Dade County Public Schools.

Keep Alachua County Beautiful, plaque Silver Award for Outstanding Achievement by Media and Public Relations. 2004

Merit Award: ribbon and $50. check for "PARROT", an Oil Painting at Rossetti Art Gallery, Pompano Beach Florida August 2010

Accepted as a Member of ASTA American Society of Traditional Artists in 2011. Founded by Ed Copley.

Second Place and People's Choice on my painting self portrait "Marie d' Art" oil on linen 24" x 30" at the Broward Art Guild, Summer 2011.
See the painting: click here.

2011 The Richeson Painting Competition: Animals, birds and wildlife. Finalist on "Parrot" oil 36"x 36". See this painting: click here

2014 The Richeson Figure Portrait Competition Meritorious Award on "Grand Christmas" oil 40"x30.
See the painting: click here

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