Unveiling of bust of Dr. Tomás Tuma Iza, my father.

I was 4 years old when dad died. As I'm making this web page, today, November 19, 2004. The brother of the sculptor of my father's bust here being unveiled in Havana, Cuba in 1953, called me today: Sculptor Julio Fuentes Pino made the bust to honor my father. The people made a collection in order to make this possible. Lolo Villalobos, Mayor of Guanabacoa unveiled it. It is at the entrance of La Carretera Central: Calzada de Güines and San Miguel del Padrón, by the Park of La Virgen del Camino: Havana, Cuba. I was 5 years old, mom and my brother Tomasito looking and wondering. When the communists were collecting bronce to melt and send it to Russia, the people complainted to the communist government, they told the regime that he was a good man, that they should not remove the bust...It survived the dictatorial communist regime: Thank GOD!

My father was the type of doctor that if it was, Friday at 11 PM. or Sunday at 3 AM. thundering and rainning, he will go see any of his patients who called him...He gave his own blood in transfussions, to save some of his sick patients, he did not charge anything and bought the medicines for the needy...That is why the bust and a library.

Maria Tuma a los 5 años de edad cuando develaron el busto de su padre el Dr. Tomás Tuma Iza en La Habana, Cuba en 1953 frente a La Virgen del Camino...

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